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About the Candidate and Issues

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Why We Should be Involved in This Campaign?

Is there not a Cause?

In 1 Samuel 17:29 David asked, “Is there not a cause?”  Indeed there was!  With the Lord’s help, David took up the righteous cause of God despite enormous odds.  Is there not such a cause in America?

  1. Millions of unborn babies murdered
  2. Militant pro-homosexual curriculum indoctrination in elementary schools
  3. Drag queen story hour in libraries and schools with convicted pedophiles
  4. Gender confusion pushed on students
  5. Non-binary pronouns like zie, zir, zirs
  6. “Transgender” boys compete in girls athletics and dress in girls locker-rooms
  7. Christians who don’t go along with radical homosexual agenda are fired, sued, bullied, and have lost their businesses
  8. Parent’s rights are trampled by forced vaccinations, and fear of spanking
  9. Socialism, Cultural Marxism taught
  10. Critical breakdown of the family
  11. Less than 1.6 babies born per couple
  12. 24% of children born to single moms
  13. Militant secularism attacks on God 

Is There not a Candidate?

In Ezekiel 22:30 the LORD looked for a man who would “stand in the gap.”  Voters are often discouraged because there is no one who truly shares their Christian values.  Few step up.  The personal cost can be high!

I am a Baptist Preacher who currently serves Ukrainian and Russian Baptist churches in the Sacramento area.  I also teach at a Christian school. 

As a candidate for US Congress, I pledge to you that I will stand in the gap with conviction and courage for Jesus Christ, for righteousness, and your family. That is my prayer.  It has been said, “All it takes for evil to abound, is for good men to do nothing.”  With God’s help, I intend to do something!  I intend to do all I can! 

Is There not a Choice?

EVERY American is responsible before God for the actions of his government. It is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  EVERY citizen has a seat at the table of the board of directors ruling the nation.  It is YOUR Christian duty to vote! 

Some say they will not get involved in government.  They will pray, but not vote.  This is irresponsible, sinful, and wrong!  When evil is taking place, are we to look the other way?  To not speak up, is to speak!  To not act, is to act!  And to not vote, is to vote!  

If a man is hungry, we pray for him, but we also tell him he must work.  We pray for the unsaved, but we also witness and send missionaries.  How then do free people only pray, but not work for good government, and work for righteous laws?  PRAY and WORK!   

The choice is YOURSYOU have to choose to get involved!  YOU have to choose to take action!  YOU have to choose to register to vote!  And YOU have to choose to VOTE!  

I zealously ask YOU for YOUR VOTE!

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