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Issues: Abortions

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We must act now to end abortion in America. The current Supreme Court is more likely than ever before to reverse Roe v Wade. This SCOTUS gives pro-lifers our best probability since 1973 when Roe v Wade decision was first rendered.

If President Trump gets to replace someone like Ruth Ginsberg, then we would have even greater reason to be optimistic.

On the other hand, if someone like Clarence Thomas fell ill and were forced off the bench and we had a Democrat as President then our opportunity to reverse Roe v Wade would be gravely set back again.

It is my firm view that we MUST strike while the iron is hot and while we have the most favorable circumstances. What we need is a complete Republican majority in both the House and the Senate and the reelection of Donald Trump as President. We already have the President and the Senate now, but we need the House. We need all three in 2020 to get a ban on abortion passed. Even then it won't be that easy. It will likely take persistence to force the legislative issue even upon a Republican majority. Most Republicans claim to be pro-life but some are not, and some have been pretty weak, to be frank about it. For a federal ban on abortion to be passed, it will take some champions to push it, and a groundswell of voters to back it and hold their elected officials accountable to pass the bill into law.

If elected, I pledge to push as has hard as humanly possible and then with God's help on top of that, I promise to hammer, and hammer, and hammer, my Republican colleagues and anyone and everyone to pass a real federal ban on all abortions making it illegal and make abortion a criminal act.

My friends this is THE time to do it!

I don't hear anyone else right now in this election actually campaigning on a federal ban on abortion as of yet. Perhaps there are other Republicans who are and I know there are great champions of the pro-life cause out there. Sadly a federal ban is not being spoken of. It needs to become a top issue in this election!

As someone who favors states rights as a Constitutional federalist, I normally prefer most matters of law to be taken up at the state and local level rather than a one size fits all federal approach to government. However, when it comes to such a grievous moral evil as the mass murdering of millions of unborn babies, I believe the whole nation must address such a matter as a federal case that will criminalize all abortion nationwide.

Now when I say criminalize all abortion remember I am speaking of the intentional purposeful murder of an unborn baby. This has nothing to do with a miscarriage or a medical decision to remove the baby from the womb of the mother to save the life of the mother. While such a procedure might result in the unintentional loss of life of a baby, this is entirely different than the purposeful killing of a baby. By all means, doctors should try to save the life of a mother in pregnancy, however, that does not mean that the baby has to be intentionally killed. The baby's life should also be saved if at all possible and by every means possible. Abortion is different. Abortion is the purposeful and intentional killing of a baby to terminate its life. This is evil, and should always be considered a criminal act by federal law.

I promise and pledge if elected to put forth federal legislation to end all abortion. Nine states now have legal bans on abortion that are triggered to take effect if Roe v Wade is overturned.

If a federal law to ban abortion were passed, it would almost certainly be challenged by the leftist pro-abortion camp and be fast-tracked to SCOTUS.

Think about it. A decision by this SCOTUS could be rendered within two years that would actually end abortion. No one knows the future and I can't promise for sure what the SCOTUS will do, but even pro-abortion and Planned Parenthood leaders are saying now that they are afraid that this court would overturn Roe v Wade. If that happened, and if a federal ban on all abortion were passed into law by the new 2020 Republican Congress which forced the issue then stood as law, then the horror and nightmare of legalized abortion in America would be over.

We have to fight for this. We have to do this now. There is NO excuse for missing this strategic opportunity that is so far our best opportunity to end the murders nationwide.

Join with me and my campaign to end abortion now!

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